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La Strega Buona

La Strega Buona is Italian for "The Good Witch". My family heritage is Italian and Irish, although I am very much American. I've always felt a strong connection with the Italian side of our family, my grandparents rocked. As luck would have it, I met a Roman in NY and married him. Over the years, we spoke about taking our kids to live in Rome, Italy for a year and eventually that did happen. During a very frugal year, our kids became fluent quickly much to my amazement and over time I became very familiar with the language. Life as many know is somewhat different living abroad. People stop and talk, really talk ... mostly over coffee and they truly listen. There is rushing around just like here in our city but there was love. Lots of love, for rituals, for family, with teachers, in emotions, and of course with the food. Life felt slower, easier. Kids could be kids. 

Returning to the States this small start up was my driving force for my future. My desire has always been to help others. Even when I was little I wanted to be a nurse and help others. That course got slightly taken off of course but for years I have been a licensed massage therapist. I have always given all I have to others. This is what transpires in the aromatherapy blends I make. Using high quality unadulterated organic ingredients and organically sourced essential oils, I crave to make therapeutic blends that heal your every ailment, ache and pain. 

Our aromatherapy creations are tailored in regards to symmetry of the oils, their chemistry as well as fragrance. Our blends range from natural pure-fumes with a purpose, salt & bath products, healing skin creams, aromatic sprays and more. With love and sunshine, we bring you everything you need even if you don't see it here, free consultations are always available.