La Strega Buona means "The Good Witch" in Italian. After spending some time living and travelling through Italy, my family and I fell in love with the language and the culture and the beauty of living. Living naturally and at A slower pace hit home as being important to sustaining a happy life.  Returning to the States this small start up was my driving force for the future. With the blends i make using high quality essential oils and ingredients, I hope to bring to you some of the delight and serenity of slowing down in life.

Our essential oil creations are tailored in regards to symmetry of the oils, their chemistry as well as fragrance and our blends range from aromatherapy roller balls to bath products, moisturizers and more.  I prefer to buy from small "mom and pop" essential oils companies who create unadulterated product with no chemical fillers. Supporting local and small businesses as much as I can is part of my mission. 

We are always up to something and our product line will continue to evolve, check back often.


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