A Brief History Lesson of Aromatherapy

Cave paintings in France depict people using plants as medicine as far back as 18,000 BC. Properties of aromatic plants were used in Egypt (ancient Mesopotamia), China, India,  Greece, France, and Germany. In fact, Germany and France never gave up their use of plant-based aromatics. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, had it right when he said: "the key to good health rests in having a daily aromatic bath and a scented massage."  Hail to that! As far back as ancient times, ointments with plant aromatics were shown to have a great benefit on the physical as well as psychological.

Persia is credited with being first distillers of oils back in the 10th century (although there is evidence that distillation happened before this time period.) By the 16th century use of essential oils were widespread especially in Europe. Germany and France over the centuries hail doctors such as Braunschweig and Gattefosse, Valnet and Maury who not only isolated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (among others) of certain oils but used their knowledge of plant-based medicine in military hospitals during WWI with much success. 

Bring us to modern day and the use of essential oils has expanded incredibly. For those of us who really are looking for ways to heal and resolve issues in a natural, safe and effective way you need not look too far. Have a burn? Use lavender neat on the wound. Have a sprained ankle? Make a compress with anti-inflammatory oils. Stomach upset? Use calming digestive oils blended with a carrier oil and massage into the abdomen. Feeling down? Need energy? Not sleeping well? There are blends that can be made for a myriad of issues and I am here to help you out. 

I fell instantly in love with essential oils as a Licensed massage therapist over 20 years ago at a spa where I worked in NYC when I first began my career in healing arts.  I am really, really elated to be able to make potions and help those who come to me for help. I am extremely dedicated to furthering the cause of healing our bodies, souls and minds in a natural, safe and effective way. One does not need to look too far into nature to find what you need. 

Ann MasciaComment