Oils for Body Mind & Spirit

Aromatherapy is an art & science used to balance and harmonize the mind, body & spirit with natural plant essences called essential oils. A Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994 I have had contact with EOs for all these years and the crazy thing, I loved them, but they sadly weren't on my radar! They smelled good, really good but that was as far as it went for me way back then. 

Since then, I finally did have the desire and capacity to learn about essential oils and its opened up my world in ways I would never have expected. I love being about to pass on this knowledge and share all that I have to offer. 

Almost 5 years ago, I took a 400+ hour course to Certify as an Aromatherapist during and after which I began playing around with the oils & recipes, figuring what scents I like the best. I always loved cooking, now instead of food, I'm cooking up recipes for body productsyay!! Happily, my own schooling doesn't end there. Next up Clinical Aromatherapy training!

Enough about me, lets focus more on the oils. We all have a lot of emotions, anger, happiness, sadness, tranquility, etc. and many oils can directly affect our mood in such subtle ways that perhaps you dont even realize whats happening to you. You ask, do essential oils really work for mood enhancement? YES!

BUT before you go on from her, go rummage through your fridge and grab some rosemary. Squish it between your fingers to bring the scent out and breath in deeply. Why? Because it will help you remember everything you are going to read here.

More scientific studies on essential oils are conducted around the world today than ever before. It's been found that Rosemary helps with mental clarity, Jasmine - confidence, Grapefruit - Joy. Essential oils are so subtle that you have no idea your mood has changed. Science is discovering how plants can help balance and promote health of the body. Research studies on essential oils show positive effects for a variety of health concerns including infections, pain, anxiety, depression, tumors, premenstrual syndrome, nausea, and many others.

Take a very well known oil, Lavender. Everyone knows Lavender. You can even cook with it! But what many don't know, its great for relieving stress & for sleep (its also great for burns but that's another post). Lavender in fact has so many uses, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, etc., It can be blended for nearly every issue you may have. It's a very popular oil and obviously it has a reason to be. It just smells so darn good!

You can find Lavender oils in my Shuteye, Calma Calma, Achy Breaky Head and Articulus roller ball blends. 

Vetiver is little unknown oil and one that is great for mood, have a grudge you cant let go of? Try it when you cant let go. Its also EXCELLENT as an immune booster (try my Immuni-T roller ball blend). 

Sweet Marjoram from back in ancient Greece was known as "the herb of happiness." This oil can be found in my Achy Breaky Head blend.
Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf) has been shown to aid concentration and focus and relieve negative feelings. Try it out in my rollerball blend Hocus Focus. 

Cant sleep? Too much mental chatter? There is an oil for that. 

Enjoy your day! 

Annie. the Good Witch.

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