Steam Inhalation with Essential Oils

Have you bought essential oils and put them in a cabinet, not to be looked at again? Not sure how to use the oils or blend them?

I would love to remove the confusion of using essential oils and open your mind to an incredible world of plants and healing. When I first started learning about essential oils my biggest fear was blending the oils. I became a certified aromatherapist and it was still my biggest fear. That is, until a brilliant teacher took that fear away. Uncap a few bottles of essential oils and hold them up to your nose together. Do you like the way those scents join up? If not, test out another pair.

Essential oils are a great way to help push your body to heal. There are many different modes of use. My personal favorite is inhalation, steam inhalation to be specific. Other typical modes are: topical (in cream or oil), nasal inhaler, diffusing, compresses, bath, sprays, and more.

Steam inhalation employs direct contact through your nasal passages to get into your body. When breathing in through the nasal passages, you are bringing those oils straight into your brains’ Limbic system, your seat of behavior and emotions and memories. Did you have a roommate in college who loved Patchouli? Is it possible that you came to the point where they ruined this scent for you? Patchouli is like cilantro - you either like it or you don’t. Many people have gut reactions to scents, bringing back good or bad memories. For me its honeysuckle & lilacs. It brings me straight back to happy memories of childhood.

Plant therapy & essential oil use has an impact on our bodies & minds and we would like you to experience their healing powers with very little to no side effects. (Please keep in mind there are many oils that can cause issues with prescription medication. Its always best to consult a doctor if you are not sure of interaction.) For children, there are safety concerns to be aware of. Please be sure to read my journal post called Essential Oils & Children.

The info-graphic attached to this post gives detailed instructions on how to use Essential oils safely with steam inhalation. Please use it for reference. I cannot stress enough the importance of being careful with the hot water and keep your eyes closed while steaming for safety reasons (one never puts essential oils in the eyes). Please use a flat bottomed ceramic or glass bowl - metal and plastic do not mix well with essential oils. And I am always available if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Steam Inhalation with Essential Oils | La Strega Buona Aromatherapy - Astoria NY
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