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What is Aromatherapy Consultation?

Aromatherapy Consult & Treatment

When you visit a certified aromatherapist, there are several things you can expect.

Consultation Before treatment takes place, the aromatherapist will conduct a thorough consultation to establish the client’s medical history and any pre-existing conditions that the client may have to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Consideration will also be given to lifestyle, diet and the client’s general wellbeing and stress levels.

As a certified aromatherapist, I understand both the limitation and scope of my own skills and would never claim to cure or diagnose a client’s medical condition. Rather, I look holistically at a client’s overall lifestyle and provide not only a deeply relaxing treatment, allowing the essential oils to permeate the skin and senses, but also provide sound guidance to use in everyday life to maintain optimum health.

Consultations are entirely confidential. The information provided is important because each treatment is individual and tailored to suit a client’s particular needs. As a treatment, I will use essential oils to address symptoms but would also try to establish what the triggers were to those symptoms. Then create an essential oil blend tailored for your specific physical and emotional needs and devise a personalized treatment plan. The aromatherapist will work with your schedule and budget to create a treatment plan to suit your particular requirements.

If you are currently receiving treatment for a serious illness or if there are concerns about your current state of health, you will be advised to consult your doctor before embarking on a course of aromatherapy treatments. Following your consultation, we will follow up with you and advise moving forward.

Essential Oil Selection Essential oils are then selected for that individual person based on their current health needs (both physical and emotional). How the oils are used will be based upon the client’s needs – such as with steam inhalation, a topical cream or massage oil, a blend to combine with Epsom salt baths, in pill form blended with olive oil for stomach and intestinal issues, nasal inhalation such as with oils for balancing the nervous system, etc. Custom Essential Oil Blends

The synergy of the blend of oils is very important - oils must complement each other chemically for them to enhance the therapeutic effect. Whilst there are a number of oils to treat many conditions, the actual choice is based on the individual’s needs – there age, general state of health, lifestyle etc. Although essential oils are most definitely natural, they are not always gentle, and each person’s degree of sensitivity is individual which can vary from time to time depending on one’s life.

Massage & Aromatherapy Consultation As an added bonus, I am also a Licensed massage therapist. If you desire to book an aromatherapy massage, Anna will reach out beforehand and learn what your specific needs are to make a blend suited for you. After the treatment you get to take home the remaining oil blend. You can book an aromatherapy massage here.

For more information, please reach out via email:

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