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Introducing Chakra Balance, an exquisite blend that harmonizes the body and mind using organic essential oils. This handcrafted aromatherapy solution features Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Lavender, and Jasmine, creating the perfect synergy to calm the mind, ground the body, and enhance mental clarity. Packaged in a convenient 1 oz bottle, it's versatile enough to be used as a natural perfume. For optimal results, gently massage it onto your chakra points at the chest and neck. Elevate your wellness journey with Chakra Balance, tailored meticulously to your unique needs.


Housed in a 1 oz pump bottle for ease of use and is travel friendly! For maximum benefit, apply to your chest bone, neck, and wrist points. After massaging it in, cup your hands over your nose and take deep breaths, inhaling the soothing aroma 4-5 times.

Chakra Balance Body Oil

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