La Strega Buona (aka The Good Witch) is a one-person female-run aromatherapy business owned by Anna Mascia, CAP, CAPT, LMT who has been in the alternative health field since 1994. The healing products are made from organic ingredients focused on balancing the body and mind. These include products for adults as well as a few products for babies (hydrosols) and children. I strive to work privately with clients and offer confidential aromatherapy consultations for specialized blends & products made specifically for individual needs. The products generally fall into these categories: essential oil blends for health, sleep & room sprays, stress & anxiety management, skin-replenishing creams, essential oil infused bath salts, etc.


As a member of National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists (NAHA), I keep high standards for my business to uphold the reputation of the Aromatherapy field as therapeutic & alternative health care.  In January 2019, I plan to offer classes for locals in the business-based area of Astoria, Queens for those interested in learning about how to use aromatherapy effectively in their lives. (As a side note, I would like to add that I am a mother of two girls as well as business owner and desire to instill in my children that hard work and persistence pay off.)


Mission Statement: The mission behind La Strega Buona Aromatherapy is to offer viable and effective alternative medicine solutions with essential oils and plant-based products. Customer satisfaction & product trust are priorities. Working with others has been my life-long goal. For those who might not  be able to afford it, I offer affordable, low cost alternatives and free consultations. The environment is a top priority for me as well - preferring to use low waste product packaging and nearly zero plastics (I am in the process of switching up product packaging and aiming for the earth-friendly alternative of compostable cardboard containers for a number of the products). I stand firm behind high standards -  using quality organic ingredient suppliers with the added bonus of attaching positive affirmations guides - giving and planting ideas of self-empowerment for the end user.


Our company values are integrity, transparency, respect & self improvement.


Revenue: The total yearly revenue at this point is slowly growing stronger. For the time frame of the past two years, ending mid-December 2018:


2017 Sales $9,982

2018 Sales (through 12/12/18) $11,490


Marketing strategy: 

  • Recently completed: a re-vamping of the SEOs on the La Strega Buona website to increase  visibility online in turn helping to maximize sales.

  • Employing the use of Google advertising for connecting with online searches, Instagram advertising, postings and use of hashtags to boost followers & find the right customers (mostly women ages 25-50).

  • Build trust in products for those who have not had the pleasure to experience them. More reviews of the products would be key here.

  • Campaigns & wholesale orders with local stores in and around NYC. La Strega Buona line sheet is finished and ready for roll out. I personally like to go to the stores to meet buyers which I believe brings a better sense of my business. I generally bring samples of our products with me.

  • Blog posts/articles: Recently I was interviewed by Astoria Characters writer Nancy Ruhling. The article should be rolling out in the next few weeks. I also write Journal entries on different subjects relating to aromatherapy and alternative healthcare.


Scale/distribution strategy: The scope and scale at this stage is local reaching areas of NYC, Brooklyn and Astoria. I would like to increase it locally at first by working with local health food stores, yoga studios and other independent retailers, some of which has been initiated. The products can be found in four stores as of this time.


What will you do with the prize/use $ for:

  • Renting a small office space with small kitchen would be ideal instead of working out of my home and perhaps hire an intern/college grad to do the things I am looking to improve on such as social media boosting - followers.

  • Optimize the La Strega Buona website to make it run faster and smoother.

  • Use a photographer to take better photos and make the product more appealing.

  • Look into & potentially utilize organic certification.

  • Continuing education classes for Aromatherapy - I aspire toward a Clinical Aromatherapist Degree.


What do you hope to get out of your business mentorship: I hope to find a connection with a mentor that will guide me with strategies and areas of business in which I am not as strong - such as technical details, marketing strategies and guidance to effectively improve my business goals and strategies. I know there are many things which would help this business that I perhaps am not thinking of - that a partner or mentorship would help to discover.


How does your business help the community - My goal is to gain enough momentum in order to increase my reach around the NYC area and offer low cost alternative medical solutions to those who can’t necessarily afford it. In my eyes, alternative medicine is a privilege that comes with having money. For those of NYC that this care is out of reach, I desire to offer alternatives for them at low cost. Currently, I offer free consultation services via a therapist who works with low income parents with autistic children - anxiety and stress runs high in their worlds for parents and children alike and it’s been shown in many studies that aromatherapy is an excellent solution that has benefited many. Keeping my consults free for those who cannot afford it is the way I would like to pay life forward.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my small business. We hope you enjoyed learning about our small two-year-old start up.

 Anna Mascia, La Strega Buona

Giving the Essence to Heal - One Drop at a Time

PO Box 6595

Astoria, NY 11106

917 991 3217